My goal is to make you feel comfortable as possible, and as such, I try to communicate as clearly and openly as possible. To prevent any misunderstandings during our time together, please read these tips prior to our date.

  • Safety. I do not engage in activities that risk my (or your!) health and safety. And yes, I am fully vaccinated.
  • Hygiene. I will always look my best for you. Please offer me the same courtesy by arriving freshly showered with minty-fresh breath. If needed, you are more than welcome to freshen up upon your arrival.
  • Explicit messages. My rates are for my time and company only. I don't reply to explicit messages or those implying otherwise (e.g. "adult fun").
  • Communication. To best respect each other's time, please be mindful that your emails are clear, concise, and limited. Social conversation is best enjoyed in person.
  • Payment*. Please present the payment for my time at the very beginning of our date. I will likely excuse myself briefly to ensure everything is in order. 

    • If I am hosting, please leave the envelope on the nearest countertop upon your arrival.
    • If you are hosting, please leave the envelope on the bathroom counter in advance of my arrival.
    • If we meet publicly, please hand me the envelope discreetly (e.g. a greeting card, gift bag, or good book).

    *Note: Many ATMs have strict daily withdrawal limits. Be sure to plan in advance!

  • Gifts/Tips. Although gifts and tips are always appreciated, they are never expected. Should you feel so inclined, my favorite gifts tend to be wearable, sharable, or practical.
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  • Reviews. I am strictly a no-review companion (my full-time job necessitates the upmost discretion). If you wish to share some words of admiration, please send me a brief follow-up email instead.
  • References. I'm happy to serve as a reference. To request a reference:

    1. Please double check that we've seen each other in the past year and that you haven't exceeded my one-reference-per-date policy. If additional references are needed, they should be accompanied by a tip.
    2. Email me the name of the companion I should expect to hear from. (Without your explicit permission, I will not share details about our time together, to companions or otherwise.)