Rates & Travel

My favorite part of companionship — and the area where I most excel — is building real and meaningful connections. For that reason, I do not offer 1-hr dates and heavily skew my rates to favor longer engagements. Extended dates (including overnights) are available to both new and returning clients.

  • Travel Fee:
    • Greensboro / Winston / High Point / Chapel Hill / Durham: $0
    • Raleigh: $200
    • Charlotte / Fayetteville / Roanoke: $300
    • Other: $100/hr of driving (round trip)
  • In-Date Extensions: If our schedules permit, simply pay the difference.
  • Couples: +$500. Both partners must be screened.
  • Duos: Their rate + mine, matched to the higher amount. If you have someone in mind, please include their contact info in your appointment request. If not, I'm happy to make a suggestion. I truly love duos!

Please note: My rates are for my time and company only.


up to 48 hrs | $10,000

Pure indulgence.

Must include public time and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Full Day

up to 24 hrs | $6,000

A day full of adventure.

Must include public time and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.


up to 14 hrs | $5,000

Dinner. Dessert. The sweetest of dreams.

Must include public time and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Choose Your Adventure

up to 10 hrs | $4,000

Let's plan an unforgettable experience customized to your interests and privacy needs.

Must include public time, but discrete options are available.

Dinner & A Show

up to 6 hrs | $3,000

Broadway, live music, comedy, sports, a film, or any other activity that you would enjoy. A great excuse to get dressed up.

Must include public time, but discrete options are available.

* Most Popular *


up to 4 hrs | $2,500

A delicious meal. Witty banter. Knowing smiles. Perfect for food lovers and building chemistry naturally.

My suggestion for new clients. Public & private dates available.


up to 3 hrs | $2,000

Cold drinks. Flirty laughs. Tension melting. Excellent relaxation after a long day.

*Or mocktails, coffee, tea, snacks, or dessert if you prefer.

Public & private dates available.

A Brief Escape

up to 2 hrs | $1,500

A brief escape for those who are short on time.

Only available to returning clients. Public & private dates available.


Date Ideas

Looking for suggestions? Here are a few places and activities that I would love to explore with you:

The Details


    Fly Me to You (FMTY)

    If you're located outside of North Carolina but within the continental U.S., I would love to fly to you for a private rendezvous. FMTY's are available for both new and returning clients. For your convenience, simply add $1,500 — paid in advance and non-refundable — to any of my existing date packages. This all-inclusive flat fee covers my airfare, lodging, Uber, and all other incidentals, ensuring that my FMTY pricing is simple and transparent. I handle all of the reservations, so you don't have to.

    Example: 6-hr date ($3,000) + FMTY fee ($1,500) = $4,500

    Should you wish to meet outside of my typical availability (such as on a weekday), I typically need two weeks notice to rearrange my office schedule.

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    International Travel

    Travel is one of my favorite hobbies, and my international rates reflect this! If you're thinking about a special trip or perhaps live internationally, I am passport-ready. (This summer's solo trip spent three weeks hopping around Ireland, Switzerland, and Scandinavia, but my bucket list includes destinations such as Tokyo, Morocco, Budapest, and Sydney.) 

    Duration International Rate
    2 days $10,000
    3 days $12,000
    4 days $14,000
    5 days $16,000
    6 days $18,000
    7 days $20,000
    10 days $25,000
    14 days $30,000

    *Travel expenses are not included; all travel costs must be paid in advance and are non-refundable. Please provide at least two weeks notice so that I may rearrange my work schedule. 

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